To you,in your colored blue,hitting piano keysin front of a lonely sea.To you,with gray tired eyes,closing them onlywhen the Sun beginsagain.To you,in sweats and tied hair,bundled among blanketsat the room's corner.To you,I say,me, too.You,with red-freckled skinand brown and blackand blue and purpleand blonde hair.With multi-hued eyesthat limit what they see,all but the lonely sea.Lookat the… Continue reading Too

Sweet Pea

White-yellow hairtied high and flowinglike a horse's tail,full of waves that battled the loud ocean.A dark freckle belowher rounded noseand rosy cheeks full of life.She jumped from brickto brick of the backyardpath. Her mother sat atthe picnic table her fatherhad painted blue, and he was smoking a cigar.The air around them wasfull of smoke.She ran up and down… Continue reading Sweet Pea

Down a Dark Hall

Down a dark hallwrapped in blankets,clutching a doll.My dress drags behind me.At the end, there is a spot,that looks like charred nightand it travels up the wall.My eyes look at the floor.The red rug floorwith prints of thick dirtand soaking.Into the room it leads,into the pale yellow roomdown the dark hall.Mother's shaking body covers the windowand… Continue reading Down a Dark Hall

Messy Hair and Coffee

Her hair fell in thick locks that pickedup light,drifting through the tainted glass in front of herwriter's desk,stained chocolate and glistening,deep with words,filled with thoughts.Her hair felland tickled the gold rim of herchina cup,brimming with hot coffee,rising with steam thatwet her glasses.Her pencil fell,and she looked up fromthe story scratched on notebook paperto pull backher messy hairin… Continue reading Messy Hair and Coffee